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Our Aim

Coastal Carers Statement of Purpose

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Our Aim

Our Aim

The philosophy of Coastal Carers is one that is focused on the provision of an innovative service that is centred on the client.

Our care is based on a partnership and a respect for the individuals who are caring and the clients we are caring for. This we consider to be an integral part of our practice in every area.

Our Aims and Objectives

The provision of a high quality service is unique to Coastal Carers. We aim to support individuals within the community allowing them the opportunity to live as independently as possible. Central to this provision is the development of an experienced, motivated workforce.

Coastal Carers will always aim to provide care assistants with the appropriate skills to all sectors of the community. We value our carers as much as we value our clients. Care will be individually tailored to meet the needs of the client, their families and close associates. Coastal Carers will always work in alliance with all other health and social care professionals to promote the health and well being of our clients and members. We will always respect and value the individuality of all human beings.

We are committed to anti-discriminatory practice, for both clients and staff. This includes race, colour, religion, age, gender, sex, origin or disability, and for clients, whether they are self-funding or funded by another source.

Core Values and Beliefs

The core values of Coastal Carers focus upon safety, choice and rights, underpinned by privacy, dignity, independence and fulfilment.


The safety and well being of our clients and carers will always be of paramount importance. All clients will have a risk assessment and their care planned appropriately to take into consideration the client's needs, the carer's skills and the surrounding environment in which the care is to be delivered. The company will ensure that all Liability and Indemnity Insurance policies are adequate. Health & Safety legislation will be adhered to and we will ensure that the appropriate education is available to carers. Every employee of Coastal Carers will be thoroughly vetted and assessed at interview, references and DBS checks will be sought and received before the carers are placed with clients. The carers will then have ongoing assessment of the standard of their work to maintain the highest standards. All the policies will be made readily available to the members of Coastal Carers.

Choice and Rights

Each client will be given the opportunity to exercise their full potential for personal choice of opportunities and lifestyle. The client will be consulted directly in decisions concerning the provision, content, timing and withdrawal of all care planned. If the client is unable to participate fully in planning care, consideration will be given to his or her wishes as far as practically possible and the intervention of an advocate respected. If a client feels, for any reason that the carer is incompatible in their caring environment, it is their right to have their services upheld.


The privacy and personal affairs of all clients will be respected at all times. Information kept on a client will be made available to a client on request and not given to a third party without the client's permission. Coastal Carers will ensure that all members understand and sign a written confidentiality statement.


Clients will be encouraged to be as independent as possible. Care will be planned and goals set in partnership with the clients in order to maximise their independence. If independence involves a degree of risk that may effect the client's safety, then the client will be encouraged to make an informed choice in order to maximise their potential.


The intrinsic worth of each client and member of Coastal Carers will always be valued. An equal opportunities policy will be used to review the availability and potential for work in all areas for all members and potential members. Individualized client assessment will ensure that care is planned and implemented respecting the client's uniqueness.


Coastal Carers will always act in such a way as to promote the fulfilment of all carers and clients. Carers will have the opportunity to set goals and realise their true potential. A review of their activities will determine if these needs are being met. Clients will be regularly re-assessed and their care reviewed in order to determine if goals are being met. Questionnaires will be sent to all our clients and families on a regular basis to monitor the quality of the services that they are receiving.


Our grateful thanks for the first class care you gave to my aunt under the most difficult circumstances.